Original Ink Drawing – “The Hopeful People and The Bridge to Nowhere” by Karolina Szablewska

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The Hopeful People and The Bridge to Nowhere, 2008
by Karolina Szabklewska

22″x30″ ink drawing from 2008 on heavy rag paper.
The original drawing, a certificate of authenticity, shipped rolled in a tube with insurance for loss & damage.

Prints are also available.

A black dragon serpent slithers through murky water in a flooded city living in houses on stilts. The dark fantasy city is full of bridges, pedways, and complexes linking together in a hive. The original artwork is entirely painted in ink.

Karolina’s favourite place to be is in the dark cozy void of the mind. She is an introverted and introspective person not afraid of dark thoughts, using surreal and horror imagery as art therapy in mental health. Karolina believes art is about all experiences of life, so no censoring of dark, weird, taboo subjects or negative emotions. Often, viewers tell her they connect with the unusual art more because it expresses something in metaphor they don’t know how to put into words. Ever since she began painting, Karolina has been inspired by dark art and surrealism, spritiuality, and meditation. Nowadays, she also takes inspiration from the trippy psychedelic community. Some of her art is also dark fantasy art because Karolina loves mythical creatures, especially dragons, monsters and demons.

Karolina is a contributing animator and script writer for umami animations, as well as providing the voice of Lana in the Safe Mode series. See more of her art at artkarolina.com


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I ordered the vhs tape because I found an old small vhs playing tv, and I had to watch a static-y show on a static-y tv. And it’s a surreal experience watching it