Interface BluRay (Ships from the USA)

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Interface on physical HD BluRay. Includes Episode 22.5, and Big Smile’s Order. Comes in a board digipak jacket. These are not region locked, they will work worldwide.

I cannot sign these as it is sometimes requested since they ship from a warehouse in the US – the reason for this is it makes shipping much less expensive.

If there are any problems with your order when you receive it, please contact me here.

Subtitles available in: English, French, Bulgarian, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Interface is also available as a 4K digital download on GumRoad here.

S.Y. Avatar
I ordered Interface on Blu-ray. It arrived earlier than expected, was packaged nicely, looks great, and plays well. All in all, a great transaction.
Grayson Baird Avatar
Grayson Baird
I ordered the vhs tape because I found an old small vhs playing tv, and I had to watch a static-y show on a static-y tv. And it’s a surreal experience watching it