Spiritual Paralysis CD

USD $7.50

Spiritual Paralysis is my 8th full length album comprised of synths, piano, violin, viola, cello, drums, hand percussion, pedal steel guitar, flute and sparse vocals. Produced at a time of creative paralysis that carried over into personal life, the music is always a reflection of my current state of mind.


Pressed “replicated” CDs (the real deal, not simply just burned). They will playback anywhere on every sound system that reads CDs. They are housed in a thick, board digipak.

S.Y. Avatar
I ordered Interface on Blu-ray. It arrived earlier than expected, was packaged nicely, looks great, and plays well. All in all, a great transaction.
Grayson Baird Avatar
Grayson Baird
I ordered the vhs tape because I found an old small vhs playing tv, and I had to watch a static-y show on a static-y tv. And it’s a surreal experience watching it