Interface Megabundle (VHS, BluRay, CDs, Pins)

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Included in this bundle:

  • Interface on Region Free BluRay with Subtitles included
  • VHS (NTSC)
  • Original Soundtrack on CD (Part I & II)
  • Mischief Enamel Pin
  • Henryk Enamel Pin
  • Kami Enamel Pin
  • 4 Umami Stickers (various characters)
  • 1 Mischief Patch

VHS tapes will work on VHS players built for North America (NTSC). These tapes are not PAL, which means they will not play on a VHS player built for Europe. Make sure you have a VHS player that is capable of playing NTSC tapes! Otherwise you will have a cool collectible, but one you can’t watch. When you receive your tape, if there are any playback problems, including no audio, or choppy video playback, please contact me with your order number. Thank you!

S.Y. Avatar
I ordered Interface on Blu-ray. It arrived earlier than expected, was packaged nicely, looks great, and plays well. All in all, a great transaction.
Grayson Baird Avatar
Grayson Baird
I ordered the vhs tape because I found an old small vhs playing tv, and I had to watch a static-y show on a static-y tv. And it’s a surreal experience watching it