Solutions & Problems LP

Encapsulation of an era, when we entered that brave new world during the pandemic and were still adjusting to things being utterly fucked. Droning misery representing a world turned upside down. Excellent mood. Favorite track: Sessions.

exploitativity – Bandcamp Comment

I know this is just a limited self released album, but I gotta say this is one of the highest quality pressings I own. The vinyl is perfectly flat, zero noise, superb sound quality, everything just absolutely perfect. Packaging is better quality than any other vinyl I’ve seen, nice and thick and heavy duty all around. An absolute must have for any audiophile who likes ambiance music.

Noremac123 – Discogs Comment
Solutions & Problems
Thick board jackets with a “soft touch” finish.
Inner sleeves embossed on white, with the Hexsystem logo.
Included with the vinyl is a double-sided poster featuring two of the Coronawave promo animations.